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To Bemused,

I want to tell you -I like getting riled up. I just enjoy a good argument. But even though I enjoy it and use it as an outlet, I didn’t answer them for my enjoyment. I also don’t do it for them to see the light, I don’t believe people like this change unless they really want to. So why do I do it? Simply because of the Hamone Am, especially the women readers. A lot of people will believe someone who calls himself Rabbi and looks frum, so he must be telling the truth. A lot people think that they are being frum by taking on every chumra in the world. I live in a town where ya’know the restaurants have “catch of the day”, we have “chumra of the week”. There definitely is such a thing in Torah as chumras, but you have to know when & where. This is not one of those times!