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A lot of amazing approaches here (and more than anything, the question I feel was most beautiful) and I think there’s room for all of them to be true:

It would seem to be clear that overall–the way to feel Hashem’s Presence is by fulfilling the Mitzvah of ‘????? ??’–being connected to Him. What’s not clear is what this ‘Dveykus’ means exactly? Chazal explain it though: ‘by connecting to His ?????–Modes of Behaviors’. Still a bit unclear–what exactly are Hashem’s ‘Derachim’? Again, Chazal explain: Hashem has three primary traits, as we say ‘Gadol–Great, Gibor–Mighty & Norah–Awesome’, also known as ‘Chesed–free-flowing loving-kindness, Gevurah–restrictive, reclusive restraint & Tiferes–the beautiful blend of balancing the primary pair of Chesed and Gevurah together.

Being that our Neshamos are be’Tzelem Elokim, we naturally possess these G-dly traits within us, the Divine Energies are already buried inside our hearts. We just need to actualize them in real life and then we will experience them directly, with all their G-dly Goodness.

Thus, any act of free-flowing kindness/love/joy/positive expansive energy will bring out a real manifestation of Kedusha and Dveykus–i.e. that sweet, special feeling you have in any of the above actions is in fact a connection with G-dliness, in Chesed-form.

But in the other direction as well, any act of mighty restraint to transcend the external levels of life and reach towards the Higher Source will also bring about a manifestation of Kedusha and Dveykus, in Gevurah-form–that pure, righteous feeling of rising above lower trappings and coming closer to the Source of life. And even further–balancing these two opposing forces together brings out an even greater degree of G-dliness to delight in.

That’s all just from connecting to Hashem’s MODES OF BEHAVIOR. On top of that, its obviously possible as well to behold Hashem’s Presence from STUDYING the AREAS WHERE He is present: the outer realms of His creation, the inner realms, and the Master-Map of all of creation–the Torah.