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new here

I don’t usually post here, but I opened an account just to respond to this thread since I feel like it would be wrong not to share my experience.

One of my kids had surgery to take out a cyst. We used a top surgeon and he gave us Kelocote at his followup appointment, around one month after the surgery. For whatever reason, we never bothered with it. Six months later, his scar was still very puffy and red, and when we had it checked out, we were told that if it still looked like that at that point, chances are it was going to stay that way. We were given the option of leaving it that way, doing another surgery to deal with the scar, or steroid shots. As an afterthought, the doctor added that we can try Kelocote but that since 6 months had passed, it was unlikely to help.

We started using Kelocote religiously at that point, twice a day, just a tiny drop. The results were unbelievable. Within weeks, the scar was nearly gone. It’s now over a year since the surgery and you can barely see anything. There’s still a light pink line there but nothing anyone would notice if they weren’t looking for it. Kelocote definitely works. It’s very expensive but worth every cent.

Mod 29, I don’t know who you spoke to, but Kelocote comes highly recommended by top surgeons.

Thank you for that information. It’s never been mentioned to me but I will be happy to ask about it. One of my children just had surgery this month and I am due for a follow up