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“However, if medical personnel keep on making the same mistake, something is fishy”

There are no documented cases of a perosn being declared brain dead and “Waking up” There are severla reports in lay media (Zack dunlop, and Gloria Cruz come to mind) However as I said it is hard to know waht actually was “declared” Just last week I told a pateint’s family member that their loved one was in a cooma and unlikely to recover After discussing it extensivly and the family member seemed to have gotten it another family member later said “so you told my siter Dad is brain dead” He was not. IF the media where to ask what I said persumably she’d have said the same. Sadly the patient didnt recover but if He had this would be another “survival after brain death” when in fact the patient was NEVER declared brain dead.

If there where a documented case the Physician documenting it would achieve instant fame. Journals would fight over the case report it would be a landmark report. There is no reason if such a case existed it wouldne be published. outside of Tabaloids and news sources that generally repeat each other

“Here a diagnosis must be made within hours (or risk organ death which is the whole point)”

Many hospitals requitre repeat testing 24 hours apart (though this is becoming less common)

“Contrary to what you are saying, there was a documented case of organs being harvested …”

I dont have access. Though I think i have it saved at home. I dont rmeeber what it said. So i’ll have to get back on specifics.

However by definition, And again I cant repeat it enough since it is a mistake made by many including in halachic pieces on the subject. A brian dead person cant breathe

“It’s also troubling that they can react to the pain,”

I’m not sure why it is troubling. Have you seen a chicken after shechted it reacts to pain too yet is dead lekulay alma! (I dont chas veshalom mean to compare peopel tpo chickens, just give a real life physiologic example that you and others may be familiar with please dont misunderstand my comparison)

“(The logic is that if one’s brain stem controlling breathing etc. isn’t functioning the higher part of the brain surely isn’t, although prior studies have shown this to be wrong in a percentage of cases.)”

Do they cite any such studies?

“Finally each body’s organs can be valued at over $2 million,”

Thats an underestimate. Ask the recipents what they are worth to them…