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If you are talking about a 95 lbs. able bodied, I am not sure safety gates will do the job. If the child puts his shoulders against the wall and extends his feet to the gate they will go right through it.

If he is alone in the room you can just lock the bedroom door which is a lot easier. You may also look into a bed alarm so if he gets out of bed am alarm rings. They use them at nursing homes.

I never had this problem but I had kids that didn’t want to go to bed, you may also want to look into restraints which are also used in nursing homes. Imprisoning the child in bed may not be the best solution and may create other problems. Baby proof the room so he can’t get hurt, have a night light so he can see and tire him out during the day so that he falls right to sleep as soon as his head hits the pillow maybe a better solution. Or at least that’s how it works with normal kids.