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The Queen – That story is brought in the Gemara in Yoma.

After washing mayim achronim, people have the custom to clean their face (in the mouth area) of food residue.

Tzurich iyun on the Gemara, as according to some opinions, one should NOT clean his mouth area with this water as it is tamei.

dovrosenbaum – He fulfills the mitzvah of mayim achronim by washing his hands under the faucet, although the Gaon of Vilna was particular to wash from a kli with a full revi’is of water. He held that mayim achronim has the same laws as mayim rishonim (i.e., that both require a kli and a full revi’is of water).

secretagentyid – Ideally, only cold water, but b’dieved or b’shas hadchak, any beverage besides for wine or hot water.