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Avram, im sorry Im not sure what we are disagreeing about.

In Yisdishkeit if you know that a Rav is making a mistake it is assur to follow his wrong psak (see maseches Horiyos).

Lehavdil, In the legal system if a law is wrong or you believe a judge is interpreting it incorrectly I maintain you shouldnt follow.

Are you saying it is less common in Halacha? Or that there is no such thing as a “law being wrong: ” in halacah Sure I have no problem with that


Know that will never be implemented. A simpler solution is to just have those that can be processed in a given day come in. Say a judge/lawyer can screen 100 jurors a day there is no reason for 200 to come in with 100 just staring into space. However I have come to realize that this is done to dehumanise them and turn them into sheep