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Little Froggie

ZD: nor does anyone else. But when one learns in a sefer and then comes across individuals “met” in the entertainment media, one subconsciously connects, and that is very damaging.

As it is, the media today, even “kosher” stuff, dulls the brain so much, educators have a real hard time combating those effects and after effects, when trying to teach from a black and white stationary book or sefer. Trying to teach concepts, ideas. Kids who have and use these media outlets have a much harder time sitting in and learning.

I made the mistake on year and bought my kids a presentation that just came out, thinking there could be nothing wrong. OK, a lot of parts were cute (“Help!! He’s killing the gods!!”..) But to envision our founding fathers as depicted in the goyishe entertainment industry’s image – nope, not a good idea at all. I pulled it.

No, Avraham Avinu and Sara Emeinu certainly did not leave Charan as hero and heroine smiling, holding hands!! And I’d rather my children don’t get that picture!