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Perhaps being MO (if we are peasants then I guess you are aristocracy?) prevents you from understanding that I merely quoted preeminent Torah giants. I did not attack anyone.

Unfortunately you seem to also not understand that a great amount of Torah knowledge does not guarantee gadlus baTorah or anything close to it. If one corrupts one’s mind with secular values, particularly if those foreign values are antithetical to Torah, then they end up with…anti-Torah things that MO rabbis have said, as per the greatest Torah sages.

I posted some examples earlier, such as Rabbi Kook’s claiming secular nationalism as Torah, as per the Imrei Emes.

If you disagree with the likes of the Brisker Rav (again, a generation BEFORE your “Rav”), Rav Shach, the Imrei Emes and others, you’re welcome to your opinion. But it would not be reasonable to expect others to concur.


Zionism does not hold anything of the sort. Judaism, lihavdil, believes in the coming of Moshiach, may it be BB”A.