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And side note- when I say respect and accept the other, I’m not saying you cannot disagree, of course you can. But the way you talk on here is disagreeing with an ugly tone. With a tone that looks down upon them. That is what I am referring to. It’s saying that you are a Torah Jew and they aren’t. That’s not disagreeing that’s putting them down. They aren’t doing kefira- they literally follow the same Torah you do. If your sad about how influenced they are by society then daven for them, don’t say that they aren’t being frum. Get your minds around the fact that every person is different. What you see on the outside might not truley reflect the inside. So please please PLEASE stop calling people names (ronald9) don’t call out your own brother on not being frum. If t was your own biological brother you would hopefully embrace them no matter what hashkafa they hold.