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When it comes to mitzvos all of a sudden certain people are concerned about “getting sick” I’m sure you never overeat, eat too quickly or eat fattening or very rich foods that can possibly get you sick. I never heard of anyone getting sick from eating a kezayis matzah. You quickly chew it up and swallow it. 2 minutes is plenty of time. Especially if you are quite hungry as most people are when they get to Motzi Matzah.

Oh btw a kezayis is a little more than a 1/4 of a hand matzah. Unless you are really young or really old or ill you should have no issue chewing it and swallowing it in 2 minutes. If you really have a problem you should aim for under 3 minutes. If even that is difficult there are poskim that say you have up to 4 minutes but ideally one should do it in 2. The reason for all the stringencies is because its a Torah mitzvoh not a derabannan.