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Same thing for the supermarket. There are lots of nonkosher food there, maybe one of our children will buy something not kosher. Should we stop them from going there? No! Thats ridiclious. At some point you need to trust your children to make the right choices. And if you can’t then either you aren’t a good parent or you have some serious trust issues.

According to your reasoning, should you not filter your computer, and allow your children free access to the Internet? After all, there are some wonderful sites out there, and can’t you trust your children to stick to only sites that you approve? Are you a terrible parent with trust issues if you take away a ????? from your children?

We daven ?? ?????? ?? ???? ???… ??? ???? ?????. It isn’t the right approach to simply hope that your chinuch is flawless and that you will be able to be ???? ??????; we shy away from the uncertainty of the Yetzer Harah. ???? ?? ??? ???? ???? ??? ???.

There is a world of difference between not allowing kids into a supermarket because they sell non-Kosher food and not allowing kids to read secular books because ???? ????? of them are problematic. For most frum children, going into a supermarket isn’t a ??? ?????; they know it is totally not allowed, they know the Kosher alternatives are fine, that is all they are used to. In most cases, unless the child is out to rebel, there is no risk.

Libraries, however, are a totally different problem. To an avid reader, books are an irresistible pull. If in the middle of a book, in Chapter 20 – just as the plot has thickened, the first clues are there to solve the mystery, there is a page which has some questionable content, a child will need an incredible amount of self control to close the book. This is identical to an Internet device.