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Think that’s bad? Check this one out:

Is There Another Holocaust on The Horizon?

By Batya Medad

Unlike many of my peers of Jewish Ashkenaz-European background, I wasn’t raised with any Holocaust awareness, stories, survivors etc. You can stress the “awareness,” because I knew absolutely nothing about targeted Jewish death/murder in Europe during World War Two until the Diary of Anne Frankgot a lot of publicity when made into a movie in the late 1950’s and after that the Eichmann capture and Trial at around the same time. There may have been some earlier mentions in Hebrew School, but I did not feel particularly connected.

Last week, just before Passover, when I was sitting shiva for my father, many of the comforters who came to the shiva were surprised that my paternal grandfather’s family, the Spiegelman’s of Neshelsk/Nasielsk, Poland had moved lock, stock and barrel to New York well before Hitler had taken over Germany. My father and his two siblings had grown up with two sets of grandparents, also his mother’s parents and most of his aunts (and families) had left Rogotshov, Belarus, well before the Holocaust, and lots of cousins on both sides.

So many other Jewish families are plagued and haunted by stories of grandparents, great-grandparents who refused to read the writing on the wall, were opposed to Zionism and even refused the precious visas that their relatives had gotten for them to facilitate moving away from Europe. They refused to recognize the dangers that were sprouting around them. There had to be some GD given wisdom in my great-grandparents to have made the decision to leave.

Deja vu… Today, when I read the news I see that the future will only get worse for Jews all over the world. It is so obvious to me. The “best” universities in the United States delegitimize the State of Israel, support BDS and Arab terrorism against us, and that includes me personally and all my family and friends. Nobody today is surprised when yet another antisemitic/anti-Israel statement comes of the United Nations and other international and foreign bodies. We all shrug our shoulders; so, what else is new? We’ve lost the ability to be shocked at the antipathy that Isrel suffers from all the time all over the world. Another Israeli official is threatened by a foreign country with a lawsuit for alleged terror? Big deal, not the first time.

We shouldn’t let these things roll off like liquid on teflon. We should be fighting it and World Jewry should be on their way home to the HolyLand!!