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Avi K

Actually, there already is a holocaust. It is the self-holocaust of assimilation. This also also occurred in Germany leading some demographers to believe that if the Nazis ym”s had not come to power German Jewry would have virtually disappeared in a generation or two.

The atmosphere today in Europe is reminiscent of eighty years ago. In America democratic institutions are strong and there is high regard for Jews outside the major campuses. However, a secular liberalism that is trying to force everyone to bow down to the idol of toeva is making it harder to maintain Jewish values. There is also the issue of ballooning tuition charges, which is forcing many parents to send their children to public schools – and public schools today are not the bastions of conservatism that they were in past generations.

Ideally, Jews should make aliya because it is a mitzva but history has shown that Hashem will settle for lo lishma.