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kapusta, that i understand. but look at the name of this thread. they’re looking for a segullah to get married.

->anyone have one?

->sure! just pretend you care about the next guy and you’ll be answered first!

then you don’t care about the next guy – you’re just doing it to be answered first!

i never said the whole concept was bogus. i just said that when it’s used as a “tactic” it sounds really stupid. the picture you just painted sounded a lot more sincere. maybe some people on here are really sincere and do really feel for the other person. in that case, go for it.

you chap my point? fakers make me sick. you wanna say ???? ??? ???? ?? ????? great. so when it becomes lishma maybe it’ll “work.”

when yitzchok davened for rivka to have a child i think it says ????? ???? ???? ????, which can be translated as for his wife. he was davening that she should have a child. he was confident that he would eventually have children because of hashem’s promise, but nowhere did it say that the zera would come from rivka. so he was davening 100% for her sake. after that it says ????? ??, that hashem answered him, and that’s where we learn about davening for the other person.

you think it would have “worked” if yitchok was really selfish and doing it for himself?? no, hashem sees through a person and it “worked” because yitzchok was sincerely pained by the fact that rivka had no children.