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it’s a complicated question with lots of things to consider. For example, how amenable is the giyores’s family to her conversion and to Jews in general? There has historically (since the ’60s) been a lot of friction between Jews and blacks, for example. Another consideration is politics- most minorities are liberal and most frum Jews are conservative, so that could be a sticking point. Finally, the gap in knowledge could be problematic. The husband will need to step it up and take the bulk of responsibility for raising a talmidei chachomim, sharing divrei Torah at the shabbos table, helping kids with their limudei kodesh homework, etc. Those are big responsibilities that are best shared…

So while I as a single would have no issues going on a date w/ a giyores, I’d be more skeptical of it working out.


I find it quite interesting that you work on the assumption that geirim are less knowledegable than FFB Jews. Sincere geirim are known to be very knowledgeable even more than the many FFBs who just do but don’t ask why. It takes years of study and more intense than becoming a BT.