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Since this has become working vs. learning:

Anyone who can pay full tuition and remain in Kollel should do so.

Anyone who can’t pay full tuition while remaining in Kollel is a Safek Ganav. You have to ask a Halachic Shailah to someone outside the system (I would suggest a pulpit Rov) to see if you should remain in Kollel and take Tzedaka from others against their will, or go work. (this doesn’t apply in Israel, where the Army is an additional wild card).

And as I said earlier, Lakewood and the Eretz Yisroel situation is the reason (call it an “unintended consequence”) whay many frum yidden are not Machshiv Lomei Torah and Limud HaTorah, which then stretches to the Torah itself CV.

Finally, Ezehu Chacham HaRoeh Es Hanolad.

P.S. I agree with Harotzehbilumshmo that most Kollel guys are learning. On the other side of the coin, I rarely see guys remain in Kollel (and not move on to Klei Kodesh or the outside workforce) once they need to support their family (and it may be due to being “out of town”, and the long term learners move to Eretz Yisroel or Lakewood.)