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Being that I went to a chassidish school we learned the hidur and the halachos…..really really hair should not be longer than shoulder down in a pony rabbi Falk says it should be six inch pony…….Litvish people go by a rav I forgot who that’s says not more than four(or two I forgot) inches past shoulder…. (I’m say on halachos not davka do I do it….I’m saying what I learned )….however they all agreed upon one factor if the hair is neat and eidel and refined the inches should not realky matter…so till the waste I can’t imagine how it can look eidel. ..if ur hair is long and u wear it neat with like a headband or clip the halachos might be different. Tznius should be a sensitivity it’s not about whay the halachos say it’s what u should feel uncomfortable being immodest