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sparkly: Sorry to be blunt but that is none of your business. I stated I was in “law enforcement”. You can guess whether I am a cop or something else.

If you don’t want me to believe what has been reported in the media then YWN should never have ran with the story in the first place.

Joesph: Based on the timing of the events, the mother was probably in the store 40 MINUTES, not the 15 minutes that you state.

I DO NOT believe that the mother intentionally left the baby in the car; but the fact is that it did happen.

Here’s the bottom line: For at least the third time this summer YWN has reported about babies from our community being left in closed cars in the heat (both here in the USA and in EY). B’H this incident did not turn into a “tragedy” due to some quick thinking bystanders. That the mother has been charged with child endangerment is an unfortunate outcome but hopefully she will be able to hire a lawyer who can either get the charges reduced or possibly dismissed.

DaasYochid: As I have stated I am the father of a number of children (more than 5 but less then 15 and they are all very close in age). I know how hard it is to keep track of my children when in a supermarket (let alone a big department store). How many hundreds if not thousands of times did my children fall asleep in their car seats? I don’t know but B”H we never left them in a car (either by accident or intentionally). So yes, both my own parental experience and my professional experience needs me to ask that IF as the media reports their were the other children there………………..I am sorry if that offends you. I am hoping that because of these incidents others will learn to be more diligent in these situations.