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You defeat your purpose by posting such long quotes at once. I certainly didn’t read any of it (though I’m sure it is quite interesting), and probably the majority of posters who clicked on this thread also did not.

That’s fine. It is there for those seeking truth. The funniest part is, almost every follow-up question posted on the material was already answered in the material! (Many straight from the Seforim Hakedoshim.) Some of the questioners even said “I didn’t read it all, but…” For others, it was obvious. At this stage I do not intend to spend my time incessantly responding to every point that was already covered in detail, and with halachic sources.

In truth, it may have been an “easier read” if I left most of it out. But then it would have not properly covered the issue(s). Or I could have posted it incrementally over time. But I felt it would then get lost in the haystack. Better, I felt, to put it up front for those with an open mind.