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Why does protecting women from men who cruelly refuse to give them a get and leave them trapped for life ‘catering to feminists’?

There is a huge problem of agunos. And yes, it is imperative to find a solution for this problem.

Let’s look at what happened without prenups…

Too many women were left forcibly single for life.

A whole sting operation incriminated a Lakewood rabbi and his henchmen who would beat men viciously to obtain a get for their wives. They’re sitting in jail now, and the press had a field day. Massive chillul Hashem.

Two chassidic men were caught plotting to kidnap and murder a man who refused to give his wife a get. Massive chillul Hashem.

There’s a girl a year older than me who went to school with me. She is a talented beautiful young lady – and she is an aguna.

Her ‘husband’ has exhorted thousands of dollars from her family, and still has not given her a get. It is likely he never will. They were together for under six months, and she may be doomed to spend the rest of her life alone because of one cruel man’s achzarius.

A woman who lives a few blocks away from me has been an aguna for the past six years.

If you don’t like prenups, what solution do YOU have for these women?

Your rav may not agree with prenups. But clearly the rabbonim at RCA do. I think it is commendable that they are actively taking solutions to prevent so many future agunos.