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1. Was it ever alive? no

2. Is it something you can eat? no

3. Is it something involved with judaism? no

4. Is it as big or bigger than a shoebox? no

5. is it something you play with? no

6. Is it visible? yes

7. Is it something that can be used when doing school work? no

8. Is it usually found in a house? yes

9. Is it muktzah in shabbos? yes

10. Is it usually kept in the kitchen? sometimes

11. Is it matches? no

12. Is it something that most pharmacies sell? no

13. Is it something used for recreation? no

14. Is it a tool? no

15. is it money? no

16. can you light it? no

17. Is it something that you would find in nearly every Frum house in the US? sometimes

18. is it used to hold something? no

19. Is it something that is usually used for or by children or babies? sometimes and since theirs ONLY 1 question left ill give you a hint its ONLY used by girls. i want my babies to use it.