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Guys, Wake Up!! Papa explained himself! He is trying to make a point of how we are all guilty of treating older single guys. He has just the same right to Shlishi (or Shishi, if your chassidish) than anyone else.

Popa was NOT trying to protect his kids from feeling like nebs, he was showing US that WE treat older singles like nebs, just because they haven’t found the right one yet. We have to learn how to treat others regardless of their marital status, height, weight, looks, and any other insignificant way. Yes, Gelila is important. But somehow it lost its chashivus in giving it to “the Shul neb”.

There should be NO shul neb. No neighbor neb. NEVER. Every single person in the world outshines someone else in a specific way. That’s why Hashem created him, because he can be part of society in a way that YOU CANNOT!!

Its a good lesson for the three weeks.