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Let’s return to the question please.

Again please, we are not talking about someone taking anxiety meds one time a day per doctor’s instructions sans addiction. The same goes for Tylenol for a fever. Nor is this thread about someone with no history or vulnerability to an addiction drinking one glass of wine at a kiddish every Shabbos.

The question again, for anyone who cares to stay on topic please:

Do Jewish children or adults know the effects of abusing drugs, regardless of their legality? This includes alcohol abuse.

Sometimes regular use can lead to tolerance, which in turn leads to someone using more and may become an addiction. If this happens, does one think it is normal and okay?

Do Jews who didn’t learn from D.A.R.E. or take a mandatory drug education program in public school, or watch tv specials about the adverse effects of drugs on the brain…

KNOW that misusing drugs causes brain damage?