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anon for this

smartcookie, you may be right. But I’d guess some people already know it, and there aren’t that many geeky jokes to begin with, so I thought I’d mention it.

But that reminds me of another joke that is postable:

This guy is listening to a group of people chatting and laughing. They are enjoying themselves so much that he listen in and realizes that they aren’t having an actual conversation. Instead, one person calls out “number 9” and everyone laughs, then as soon as they stop laughing another person calls out “number 32” and they all crack up again. So the guy asks one of the group what’s going on, and he says, “We’re such old friends that we already know each others jokes, so we just refer to them by number instead of telling the whole joke.”

The eavesdropper is fascinated by this & decides to join in. At the next lull in the laughter, he calls, “number 9”, but to his disappointment only a few people laugh. When he asks what he did wrong, he’s told, “You didn’t tell it right.”