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Here is another old one

An elderly couple is in a restaurant and you could tell that they were poor. The husband orders one pizza, one thing of fries, and one coke. A man comes over and politely offers $, but the man refuses saying, ” oh its fine my wife and I we share everything.” The man then cuts the pizza exactly in half gives one half to him and the other to his wife. Then again does the same to the fries and then puts 2 straws in the one coke. Again the man offered to pay but again the man declined saying that he and his wife share everything. This happened a few times. In the meantime the man was eating while his wife sat silently sipping her coke, not eating anything. Finally the man, frustrated turned to the wife and said, “I offered your hubby $ but he refused saying you share everything, but I see that you are not eating anything, what are you waiting for? Her answer- “THE TEETH!”