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not I

Bill Gates is going to be brought up to heaven.

They are going to greet him and tell him- “Gehinom”- you created the internet with so much bad stuf…

So he retorts.. ” Look at how much Torah is spread cause of it. Not only bad..”

He is told “You get a choice.”

He is escorted to Gan Eden. There he sees old men poring over gemoros in a dilapidated beis medrash. He thinks, this can not be. Not interested.

He is then shown gehinom. There he sees a bar lit up with ppl filling their glasses one after the other. He tells his escorts “Gehinom is what i choose!”

He gets there and he is scorched and burnt from the flames and he asks “This is not like I was shown..”

They answer him

” That was just a screen saver!!!!!!”