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Getzel-that was great!!! Smart cookie-great marriage jokes, good thing my wife doesn’t waste her time on the cr or she might use it on me.

This Israeli is famished and enters the nearest eatery, which happens to be an upscale French restaurant. He is escorted to a table and presented with a menu by a white gloved waiter. He peruses the menu and soon realizes that he can’t read a word on the menu, let alone pronounce it. Turning to the waiter in exasperation he asks “Sir, do you have frog legs?” “Why cerrtainly” replies the waiter in his fine French accent. “Great” says the Israeli, “then please hop over to the kitchen and get me some chumus”

This Jewish guy walks into a restaurant, notices a Chinese guy at one of the tables, and out of the blue, walks up to him and kicks him so hard he goes flying off his chair. The bewildered China-man looks up incredulously at his assailant and asks”excuse my ignorance but do I know you from somewhere” “That’s for Pearl Harbor” replies the Jew indignantly. “Pearl Harbor? That was the Japanese not the Chinese” “Japanese, Chinese” replies the Jew, “it’s all the same to me” and calmly proceeds to sit himself down at another table. He was just sinking his teeth into some good matzoh ball soup when he gets a powerful blow to his face. He is still reeling when he looks up and sees none other than the China-man. “What in heaven’s name was that for?” asks the Jew. “That’s for the Titanic!”replies the China-man with smug satisfaction “The Titanic?”cries the Jew “The Titanic hit an iceberg?”

Says the China-man:

“Iceberg, Goldberg, it’s all the same to me.”