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Osama Bin Laden was once taking a long distance train somewhere in Europe and sitting in the first class section. A heimeshe yid was also sitting there and smoking. So Osama tells the Jew, “I can’t stand it, put out your cigarette”. The Jew answers him back, you don’t belong in first class, so you have no right to object.

When the conducter came a few minutes later to check the tickets, the Jew says “make sure to check that guy with the turban I have a feeling he does’nt belong in first class!”

Sure enough Bin Laden’s ticket was for third class. When they later both got off at the same station, Bin Laden humbly asked the Jew “you were right about my ticket, but how did you know???”

The Jew answered him: “I saw your ticket sticking out of your pocket and it was the same color as mine!!!