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Three things:

1) Thanks Mods for not kicking me out and being patient when I was asking about sharing my email (SooOOooo smart of you to avoid those risks!)

“2 – Personal email addresses or websites will not be published. Posts that ask others to meet them at “Plonis” will not be approved. Should a blogger continuously try to pry personal information from others, he/she will be booted from YWN

One user name per person. Period! If there is a need to drop an existing user name and adopt a new user name (e.g. personal information has been compromised), let us know so that we do not unitentionally “out” you.” (MODS)

2) Yay for Mod’s 2 on Personal info!

What a relief! I seriously felt guilty about not bringing Old Bay.

Last night I even had a dream that I walked by a giant container of Old Bay in a store (think Costco mayonnaise on steroids) and didn’t buy it. Gueasing it was so big because it bottled up other recent guilts.

3) Thank you Israel I ? You!!!