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First of all, shavua tov and Chanukah samayach!

Takahmamash +100

I’m freezing in bed with my Ema and she just asked how it came to be that I finally got Whatsapp.

So I just showed her the CR and read her your post.

Thank you thank you 🙂

My pleasure! I’m very happy it worked out for you!

I seriously felt guilty about not bringing Old Bay.

No need to feel guilty. As it turns out, my wife DID remember to buy the Old Bay – evidently, one of the girls was putting stuff away, and put the new Old Bay in the back of the spice cabinet where it was hidden from sight. It’s a good thing we found it, because the old can is just about finished!

When do we get to hear more about your trip? What did you do that was exciting?