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95% of my wife’s clientele are not Jewish, and the few Jews are not Frum.

In the last 10 years she has not designed or built a single kitchen without twin dishwashers. We have had them for decades so as to have both milchige and fleischige, but most clients entertain and want one set for dishes and flatware and the other with racks for pots. pans, mixing bowls.

Separate sinks are featured in that there is a main sink in the island and another in the counter near the cooktop. This is where vegetables are often peeled and prepped just before cooking.

The best thing my wife started proposing in her plans about 25 years ago is a potfiller behind the cooktop. No more lifting heavy stockpots of water and carrying them to the stove to boil, cook soup, pasta, etc. You fill the pot with the solid ingredients, place it ion the burner swing the potfiller arm over the pot and turn on the tap. She figures that when doing a new kitchen or major renovation a potfiller can be added for less than $200 (labor and materials). As I’ve gotten older I appreciate not lifting 24 qt post opf water out of the sink and carrying them to the stove.