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Over the years I’ve seen the quality of pharmacists decline with the proliferation of chain pharmacies.

Very few are capable of making pills anymore. They use automated machines to dispense and count pills into bottles. The chains time how many they fill per hour. The ‘consulting’ windows have been done away with or are perpetually closed, and teenagers take your Rx slip and hand out filled ones.

The only slightly medical thing the registered pharmacist is now allowed to do is administer Flu, Shingles and Pneumonia injections to customers 18 years of age or older.

Many are not native and have a terrible command of the English language, gone are the days of the neighborhood independent pharmacy where the same person knew your medical history by medications dispensed and had a working relationship with your doctor and could help. Today the communication is all electronic and you don’t have pharmacists who remember you had a similar problem in the past and didn’t react well to a certain medicine and question the prescriber before filling an Rx.