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Lilmod, I don’t think the shidduch situation in E”Y is as bad as in the US, but it is definitely problematic. I don’t have any statistics, but I hear this over and over from girls in shidduchim or from parents of the girls. Don’t forget that girls traditionally get married younger in E”Y. It used to be perfectly normal that by 20-21, almost all of the class was married or at least engaged. Now, there are a lot of girls in low-mid twenties that are still single. I”YH they will get married, but maybe not to the high caliber boy they would have wanted, because they realize they cannot afford him, or maybe their parents become more desperate when they see their daughter’s pain and promise things they would not/could not have earlier on. What has changed is that apartments have gotten so much more expensive- not too long ago you could go a bit farther out and get an apartment for cheap, or buy on paper (see above comment). there is a huge housing shortage and that is reflected in the rising prices.