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I think we can all agree that Leon Trotsky, Theordore Hertzl and David Ben Gurion were not the same people. They also had different idiologies, that they were all secular doesnt mean they were the same.

Herzl BTW angered alot of people when Palestine was unavailble and Uganda was suggested as a jewish home instead.

Early Zionism, Bolshivism and Bundism are also not the same ideologies. Bolshevism and Bundism were anti-zionist and said jews should get rights in their own countries.

So whatever the Chofetz Chaim said about Trotsky is irrelevant to the Chazon Ish and Ben Gurion and if the Chazon Ish said it was OK to say Ymach Shmo about Herzel, doesnt mean he said the same thing about Ben Gurion.