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Thinking out loud

Daas Yochid, thank you for that amusing summary!

Personally, I don’t think it resembles ANY other world or country. It’s almost a 3rd world planet!!! With a bit of its own language and syntax, and a unique approach to family living! It’s difficult to understand the system of government. Everyone does whatever they want. Sort of. But it’s not anarchy. There are rules. Or maybe it’s more correct to say standards. But you have to be a part of it to know what they are. The year-round locals have a regular American system. It’s the “country” constituency that live by different unwritten charters. Which sometimes creates, ummm, inter-planetary friction! (Perhaps it’s fair to say that Hatzolah is the only accepted governing institution!?!?!)

Also, it wouldn’t be “the country” without modern familiar traffic jams on Route 42, complete with the requisite Honda Odysseys, and Toyota Siennas not found in 3rd world countries. And don’t forget the FOOD resources. There’s way more up there than in a bunch of 3rd world countries combined!

We all LOVE the parking situation in Brooklyn from the end of June until Labor Day! That’s how working people know it’s the Summer!!!