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1. The letter signed y R’ Moshe in hapardes says “all”

see here

“his pesakim” is obviously not just reffering to “one case” thoug h perhas they meant this and some other unidentified case.

2. Joseph had just mentioned R’ Moseh and R’ shlomo Zalman after you accused him of Motzi shem rah I just wanted to point out that this time he was right. I did not say any one elese dissagreed.

However, once you bring that up. In the same issue of JO Dec 1972 on pg 17 there is a letter signed by among others The stepiler, Rav Shach and Rav elyashiv z” l which says “all his judgements are batul and it is assur to rely on them”

3. Im well familiar with this

4. Ask Joseph