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I was out on a blind date with a fellow who was given my number without my knowledge or permission (or my parents’ knowledge, either). I agreed to the date a) because he didn’t know that I had not been asked if it was ok to give out my number and b) because the person who gave him my number meant well, was a family friend, and I didn’t want to embarrass her. I basically was told the guy was going to call, the day that he called me.

He picked me up and took me out to dinner, which was very nice, but I knew after a short while I had no intentions of seeing this guy again. What really brought it home to me, was when we were getting ready to leave and he asked me to leave by the back door, because his ex-girlfriends’ parents were in the restaurant, and he didn’t want to be seen with me! Stupid and ever-accommodating me, I waited for him outside the back door (yes, he did show up), instead of reading him the riot act for treating me so disrespectfully.

Another date was a very nice person, who had called me up, we had a very pleasant conversation, which he ended by telling me he would pick me up at 5 PM “after dinner.”

On the appointed day, I dressed nicely, and when he picked me up, he asked me if I was milchig or fleishig. I told him I was neither. Puzzled, he asked me what I had eaten for dinner, and I told him the truth. Nothing. So he said, “But I thought I told you I was picking you up at 5PM after dinner!” And I sweetly replied, “That’s true. You did. But neither you nor anyone else can tell me when to feel hungry. I generally do not eat dinner at 4 PM!” He realized immediately how he had come across and took me out for pizza (fine by me, I am not the greedy type). During dinner, he admitted that he hadn’t wanted to take me anywhere to eat until he saw if I would be worth it. I have had some really interesting shidduch dates. B”H that is not how I met my husband.