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Dr. Pepper

I heard this from a lady that we were introduced to at the wedding of a friend. As far fetched as it sounds I do believe it but you can decide for yourself to believe it or not.

The date took place in downtown Baltimore by the Harbor. The girl realized right away that it wasn’t going to happen but apparently her date did not.

They stopped at a street vendor and he bought her a big yellow helium balloon. Not wanting to offend him and not wanting to have to hold it the whole time, she tied it to her hand and thanked him (while praying that she wouldn’t meet any friends).

While they were walking around and talking she felt him moving uncomfortably close to her and she moved over a few inches. After a couple more times that this happened she lost her balance and fell into the water (she said there were no gates there at the time).

Luckily there was a water taxi right there and she was rescued. For the rest of the date he was complimenting himself on how smart he was for buying her a yellow balloon so that if she fell into the water it would be easy to spot her.

They did not marry each other.