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One of my brothers told me that when guys from his yeshiva would take Brooklyn girls to Manhattan on a date they would take the [Brooklyn Battery] tunnel on the way there but use one of the bridges on the way back (to save $3.50 at that time) if they knew they were going to say no. I guess if the girls knew about this it would give them a heads up that the royal “D” is about to come.

This story was also going around his yeshiva but no one knew who it happened to (or if it is true at all).

Guy is talking and quotes the Yated. Girl asks, “How are you able to read the Yated if you’re supposed to be in the Beis Medrash whenever you have a free second, and you can’t bring the Yated into the bathroom?”

Guy answers, “When I go out with girls like you I’m back earlier than expected. I’m afraid to show my face in the Beis Medrash, so I go to my room. There are no seforim in my room since I’m supposed to be in the Beis Medrash whenever I have a free second. So I read the Yated…”