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Dr. Pepper


Yikes, that was me, you seem to be taking the whole thing the wrong way. 🙂

Well anyway, it wasn’t really me but it reminded me of a story a girl told me about another guy she went out with. After the date, before he dropped her off, he asked how to get to the nearest Dunkin Donuts. My ex-date explained that she was lactose intolerant (and didn’t eat Cholov Stam anyway- I guess by default) so she asked to be dropped off beforehand. The guy explained that he will get totally lost if she’s not there to show him directions so if she doesn’t want to order anything she’s welcome to just watch him eat.

The worst part of the whole thing was that she lived in a small OOT community where everyone knew each other and a couple of friends saw her sitting there, with no food in front of her, across from the guy who was eating away.