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Some funny shidduch sto9ries.

Girl from manhattan is on a date with a guy from Brooklyn. He’s driving through an Italian area and is telling her about the neighborhood and the types of locals. All of a sudden he mmumbles something and runs out of the car. She’s all confused , has no idea where he went or why, and is really freaked cuz its not the greatest area. eventually he comes back and explains that he ran out to get his windshield wiper which had blown off. It was raining. P.S. they got married, and he still has the habit of mumbling domething on his way out , and she still often has no idea what he said until he comes back.

Another time girl is on a date and its a restaurant. woman in another table cant stop staring. guy explains that by coincidence the woman is a very close friend of his mother’s and she obviously finds the girl very interesting. Girl is mortified thinking every move she makes will be reported to the boy’s mother.

#3 Girl and boy go to a fastfood restaurant on the date. this was years ago when kosher fast food was a real innovation. girl has never eaten at a fast food restaurant. she orders the fried chicken and is surprised when they don’t provide cutlery. “I’m supposed to eat with my fingers”????

#4 Guy goes out on a first date. They sit in the girls brother’s house talking and hit it off right away, laughing and telling stories.after the date he calls his mother telling her he has lots of friends but never had so much fun in his life. ( this is after dating for several years.) mother says I’m glad but remember she’s a girl and if you let her know right away it might scare her away. At the second date the girl thinks he proposed bcuz she misunderstood some thing he said. she does freak out , but its strightened out. eventually they get engaged, when? on the third Date. no point in wasting any more time as they both feel its right. this is a very frum couple in yerushalayim. Girl calls her sister in the U.S. to announce the engagement and the sister freaks out. “you know a guy less than a week and you’re getting engaged.!!” Meanwhile the families are scheduled to meet and have a l’chaim. on the way the girl calls and says,” wait , I cant get engaged yet its too soon.” Mom says you know what , forget the l’chaim just go there to see her and have another date and discuss it,. He’s a Real yeshiveshe yeruhalmi guy who doesn’t drive ,so his parents drive him. its in another city. They get there with a giant bouquet of flowers for the erstwhile kallah which was already in the car. The table is set for a l’chaim but the couple just go out to talk things over. meanwhile the boy’s parents are invited in. (can’t make them sit in the car) Girls father comes home from minyan in the shul and exclaims mazel tov. only to be told there’s no mazel tov yet. (he was in shul when U.S sister freaked out the kalla.) So while the couple is out the machatonim have a fun time eating herring and cake and getting to know eeach other. the couple really get engaged a few weeks later and this time the L’chaim is in the boy’s house because the girls parents already did that.