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Dr. Pepper

Not sure if this is true but it’s going around Lakewood.

Guy tells shadchan that he doesn’t have a car and will rent one. Shadchan tells girls father who offers to leave his car near the yeshiva with the keys inside so the guy doesn’t have to rent a car.

Guy comes out of yeshiva looks for the color and model and is horrified that the car is a wreck on the inside. He also noticed that his potential future father-in-law didn’t leave him any gas.

He takes the car for a car wash, thorough vacuuming and fills it with gas. Goes to pick up girl who says that it’s not her fathers car.

Guy has to take car and girl back to yeshiva to find her fathers car. He also finds the Kollel Guy who thought his car was stolen and tries to convince him that the shiny spotless vehicle is his. Kollel Guy explains that he left the keys in the car because he was blocking someones driveway. He wished them luck as they speed off in her fathers car.

If anyone knows the end of the story please post it. ?