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The major difference in Catholic and Jewish fundraising is: When most Jews are in shul it is Shabbos or Yuntif and they don’t/can’t handle cash.
Catholics are in church on Sundays and carrying money. The ushers pass the collection baskets and parish members are expected to put in an envelope with a contribution for each family member. There is an envelope for the parish (local church), one for the school, another for overseas missions as well as special collections ordered by the bishop of the diocese. My Catholic friends tell me that they are expected to put in about $10 per family member every week.
ALL MEMBERS of the parish are expected to support the schools on a weekly basis. Among Jews, synagogues would not be making weekly collections for outside organizations (yeshivos, camps, etc.) they have enough trouble raising money to keep the shul going.
The local Orthodox shuls charge about $500 year dues per family including tickets for the holidays. The local Conservative synagogue charges about $1800.
Many people OOT belong to Orthodox shuls because of family history and inexpensive dues/cemetery privileges, NOT because these people are frum.