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You know what I heard on a shir?? Check this one out:

When a tzedakka collector comes to the door, and you ask to see his papers that certify he isn’t a fraud a making up a story….the SAME thing is happening to you at that moment in Heaven.

They take out your file and say, “ok, he’s so suspicious of the collector? Let’s examine his record and see if he’s entitled to everything that’s being dolled out to him!”

Which of us wants that to happen? Why can’t we just judge this frum woman favorably and help her get out of jail?

Do you really want Hashem to deliberate like this over your case next time you are seriously davening for something you want very much?

THe Baal Shem Tov comments about the passuk in Tehillim, “Hashem is your Shadow, at your right hand”. He says just as your shadow mimics your actions, Hashem responds to you the same way you respond to others. You reach out your hand and give unconditionally, Hashem will do the same without looking to see if you deserve it.