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What I say now is just my opinion. Different Averiahs and Differnet Mitzvahs are not equal. Using the example of cars, Not all cars are equal. While you can say a Lamborghini and a Hyundai are both cars, nobody says the are equal, obviosuly the lamborghini is better

Nobody is perfect so everyone does Averiahs, I belive not all Averiahs are equal. We can debate which averiah is worse being Mechalal Shabbos or Killing (I am aware that some say being Mechalel Shabbos is worse) I personally think Killing is worse as it requires a certain moral deprativity to do such a thing. Oskar Schindler certainly had moral issues, but for what he did under almost impossible conditions puts what he did a much greater Mitzvah than any Averiahs he did.

Same with Korzchak, no he didnt keep Shabbos or Kosher (As far as I know), but what he did for those Orphans was a greater Mitzvah (IMO ONLY) than anything he did as an Averiah.

We can see from Moshe, I might not be wrong, Moshe did an Averiah of some sort (We are not exactly sure what it was) and he was punished severly for it