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“Based on that, how would you rate Obama’s experience prior to running for Office?”

He had a working knowledge of how the US government operates.
I dont think leading members of Obama’s party were still saying 6 months into his presidency “He is new at this”
Yo ucant accuse Obama of not understanding basic roles of the various branches of the US governemtn. Unlike MR. Trump who said he intended to appoint a Supreme court justice who “… would look very seriously at her email disaster because it’s a criminal activity,” (that isnt the role of SCOTUS)
He seemed surprised at the concept of judicial review when his muslim ban was blocked by the justice department
He was clearly confused as to how Congress operates with regard to the whole repeal Obamacare (never mind the fact that he both called the plan “great” and “mean” as that isnt a sign of his lack of knowledge rathter his inability to have a coherent message)

Lack of experience isnt in of itself a problem. Lack of an elementary understanding of how the US government works is.