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I think daas yochid hit the nail on the head. If you can stay in the marriage and remain a good husband and good father and continue to grow spiritually then it may be a good idea to stay together. If on the other hand staying married means the kids growing up in a disfuctional family that could be worse than divorce. You can speak to people and get advice but that will only get you so far. Rabbaim will give their advice but no one knows the situation like you do and no one knows your abilities like you do. Finally no one cares about your kids like you do. So you have to keep the best interest of the kids in mind. Also be really honest with yourself and your own abilities. This could be very hard to do. Also keep in mind if you are being abused you shouldn’t live like that and that may be another reason to leave. But don’t kid your self divorce is hard and messy and if you have kids you’ll probably always have to deal with your wife. Also get your finances in order.