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People have been predicting moshiach’s arrival for centuries but nobody knows. Maybe they want it to happen so much that they make silly calculations about it and convince themselves that its true. Some people become so absorbed in these calculations and moshiachs arrival date, they dont live like they should. We should not focus on these things. Live a good life, helping people and doing the right thing. It is very possible that moshiach will come very soon but its also very possible that he will not.

In every generation we say “achaka lo b’chol yom sheyavo”. We need to wait every day for him. No, we don’t know exactly when Moshiach is coming but I definitely don’t look at it as a gnai that people actually expect him to arrive now. We should certainly be living our lives in a way to make Hashem proud but I don’t see how expecting Moshiach’s arrival on a daily basis would interfere with that.