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“Its a real stretch to extend the inyan of chazaka in baba basra as cited above to stand for the notion of makom kavua …”

This is incorrect. chazaka has many applications in halacha as cited above for exampe doing something three times might create a neder. A chazon who has served several times cant just be fired

“and a license to demand someone who comes to daven change seats if there has been no financial commitment in relation thereto.”

Again incorrect, though there usually is a financial realtion thereto either by paying for a seat or membership.

“.not so for a unmarked seat in a row of otherwise identical seats in a shul with many rows of seats”
Why not assume they are reserved and simply ask?

“im sorry if I wasn’t clear when I said there is no debate ”

Oh you were quite clear. And congrats on making one of the strangest assertions I have read on this site.
Im not that well versed in fake halacha and neither is my Rav, so I cant ask him. But I would love to hear more fake halacha from you what other things that Ive paid for is it assur for me to ask someone who is using if I can use. (not not middas chasidus, Assur) IF someone is using my Sefer can I ask for it back? what if he is in my bed? Is this fake halacha limited to seats in Shul? thanks

As MEno sais you are confusing threads.
Here you seem to agree “of course can ask politely to move…”